Ethos Evolution Institute

An innovative learning community using Greater Boston as its classroom.

Ethos Evolution programs are built to create confidence, patience, and self-reflection.

Ethos Evolution is part of a growing alternative educational network which recognizes the need for individualized mentoring within a challenging but supportive environment. Without the constraints of a traditional classroom, students are using the world around them to access knowledge.

Ethos Evolution is designed to serve family-based learners (homeschoolers) though others may find its model can serve their educational goals. Programming is designed for middle and high school aged students within a model based on social and emotional wellness, restorative justice, and Nature connection.

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Our Current Programs

Leadership Institute

Aimed at developing tools for democratic participation, social causes/philanthropy, effective communication, and character development. The programmatic focus is group-supported development of the individual within our shared and unique experiences as Americans.

STEAM Expeditions

A trip based, hands-on exploration that turns our local communities into our classroom. Looking at how basic needs and contemporary knowledge affected decision making at various points throughout local history, determining the course of our resource base today, and taking stock of the impact on past communities and peoples on this same land.

Live Action Wilderness Survival

Immersive, imaginative play-based program designed for students aged 10-18. Pairs players with engaging teachers, creating situations for experiential learning through deep exploration of nature, wilderness survival skills, craft, and individual and group relationships.

Code of Conduct

In order to create a safe environment for all, Ethos Evolution Institute has a code of conduct. This code is a reminder to everyone to play nice and don't be evil.

By particpating in our community you are agreeing to abide by our code of conduct.

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